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about us

Why URBAN Capsule?

Welcome to your “office away from the office”. In the past, people used to call the office their “home away from home”, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, the prior has become the new reality.

As the world abruptly changed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so did the working dynamic. Physical offices turned into digital conferencing and remote operating – which is certainly a step into the future, but also posed quite a few challenges. As the gap between home and work life narrowed, we noticed a major demand for Canadians to have a space where they can use exclusively as a “do not disturb” work haven.

URBAN Capsule was created with the understanding of a dire need for a separate work environment.

Our mission is to create a modern office capsules for work-from-home Canadians who want family time to stay family time, and work time to stay work time.

Our vision is for all work-from-home Canadians to enjoy the bliss of an uninterrupted working environment on their own home property.

​about us

We are Home and Office Builders

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With over 20 years of building homes in Canada and Europe, we know what it takes to build modern and comfortable space for people to enjoy. Designing and building URBAN Capsules is a complex task involving many engineering and manufacturing elements. Based on our experience, we are able to manufacture and provide a turn-key product, which is delivered straight to your backyard for your convenience. We have been asked to provide a flexible home office solution, which can be quickly implemented throughout Canada.

In our response to the market demand and help Canadians to efficiently balance their work and home duties, we offer the URBAN Capsule.

Click here to pre-order and reserve your URBAN Capsule today. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling up the form below or chat with us now for any additional questions you may have about the URBAN Capsule.

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