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The URBAN Capsule

Work-Home Balance Reimagined

Welcome to URBAN Capsule, where we’ve redesigned the way you balance your work-home life entirely. Whether you enjoy working from home, or if it’s part of your job, it can become challenging to get a lot of work done when there are distractions all around you. That is why we’ve invented an office capsule that allows you to ‘go to the office’ and ‘return home’ in just a few steps!


A New Era of Work-Home Life

The world has changed. No longer are we working 9 to 5 jobs and coming home. According to Statistic Canada, 40% of Canadians had to work from home during the pandemic, and it doesn’t seem as if it’s switching back to the office anytime soon. In another survey, it was estimated that between 44% and 47% of employers are going to keep their staff working from home post-pandemic.


As much as it’s a treat to be around your own space and family more often, it’s just as challenging to make the distinction in your mind between work and home life. As the gap between the two narrows, your mind might get to a point where it either never stops working or can’t focus like it used to.

In the past, people used to go to work, concentrate on work, and return home where they could solely focus on home life. In modern, post-pandemic times, this seemed like a thing of the past – until now…

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A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

The URBAN Capsule is the perfect solution for you to effectively separate your work duties and family obligations. Neatly and conveniently built in your own backyard, the capsule allows you to walk into the office in the morning, get your work done, and walk home without distraction.


With a modern comfortable office space in your backyard, you never have to worry about being distracted or battling to balance your priorities again!

Why Balance Work & Home?

Family is everything, and though we adore our spouses, kids, and pets, they all need a different type of attention than work. You work to sustain your family, which is why it’s so important to concentrate on work duties during the day. In contrast, some people work even more when they work from home, because there is no “going home” time – another reason why it’s important to separate the area you work from your home.


Click here to pre-order and reserve your URBAN Capsule today. Alternatively, you can contact us for any additional questions you may have about the URBAN Capsule.

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