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Do you own a house and work from home now?


Are you struggling with constant home distractions? 

Do you wish to have a Quiet space at home where you can concentrate on your work and speak on the phone freely ? 

Urban Capsule is the solution!


By placing URBAN Capsule in your backyard you can have modern and comfortable office space within steps to your house yet isolated from home distractions. 

You own a house and have available space in your backyard but you don’t have enough savings to buy urban Capsule right now ? 

No problem, Urban Capsule can help you to find a flexible financing solution for you through 3rd party lenders. By placing a small 2nd mortgage on your property, which can be paid off at any time, you can purchase URBAN Capsule with only $100 registration fee and pay as low as $365 per month. Pre-approval process will take less than 24 hours*.

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