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Model X

Order Online for Touchless Installation

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Compact Footprint

Compact 7 X 7 ft. or 2 X 2 m. allows Capsule to fit in any backyard in Canada

even townhomes.


Touchless Delivery

URBAN Capsule can be delivered and installed right to your backyard effortlessly*. Almost any surface - grass, soil, gravel, sand, stones. 


Green Energy

All you need is to connect URBAN Capsule to your home's electrical plug. Electrical cord is included. 

Model X

Options and Ideas

Did you know that most Ontario municipalities allow home occupation work and allow business visitors?

It means you can officially work from home your backyard advertising your business and having business visitors. You can also have up to one or more employees working from your home such as receptionist or secretary. Please check with your local municipality for details. We also can help you – please contact us by filling up the form or chat with us now!

Capsule Uses
Model X Left side view.jpg

Who can use URBAN Capsule

as an office?

Who can use ?
  • Professional Offices:

    • Accountants

    • Real Estate Agents

    • Video Bloggers and Influencers

    • Lawyers

    • Engineers

    • Architects and Designers

    • Marketing Digital Agency

    • Advertising Agents

    • Event Organizers

  • Health and Social Services:

    • Doctors

    • Dentists

    • Veterinarians

    • Chiropractors

    • Psychiatrics

    • Massage Therapists

    • Holistic Health Practitioners

    • Counseling Advisors

  • Personal Services:

    • Barbers

    • Beauticians

    • Pet Grooming Services

    • Wedding Planners

    • Travel Consultants

  • Business Services:

    • Word Processing Services

    • Secretarial Services

    • Bookkeeping

    • Printing and Copying Services

  • Arts, Crafts and Instructional Services

    • Photographers

    • Remote and In-Class Tutors

    • Graphic Designers

    • Arts and Crafts Services

    • Artists

    • Sculptors

    • Wood Crafters

    • Jewelers

    • Music Composers

    • Digital Musicians

    • Sign Makers

  • Computer and Electronic Services:

    • Computer Hardware Repair

    • Electronic Service and Repair

    • Software Programming and Service

    • Computer Consulting

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