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Touchless Purchase and Delivery

Unlike other Office POD providers, we are striving to offer simple and highly convenient way to order and install your new URBAN Capsule.

Where can I place my URBAN Capsule?

Determining location of your URBAN Capsule is easy. Our compact design footprint allows to install the Capsule almost anywhere in your backyard as an accessory structure to your principal home. We offer two standard footprints of 7 X 7 feet (2.15 X 2.15 meters) and 7 X 16 feet (2.15 X 4.30 meters).

Please note: you need to comply with your local municipal bylaws when determining the location of URBAN Capsule, but we can assist you to determine the exact location. Most of the municipalities in Ontario require a setback of at least 0.6-1.2 meter (2-4 feet) from your property line and the house.

What surface do I need to install the URBAN Capsule on?

URBAN Capsule can be placed directly on flat leveled ground, which can be glass, compacted bare soil, sand, patio stones, deck lumber, etc. If your ground is not leveled (more than 5% slope), you can level it yourselves or for your added convivence, we offer a turn-key installation by third party contractors for an additional fee.

Receiving Delivery

Receiving delivery of your new URBAN Capsule is a fast and easy experience.  After placing your order online, you will receive your welcome email with instructions on the required delivery tasks and prepare for delivery. For your convenience, you can book your delivery date and time online on the website.

Depending on location and eligibility, your URBAN Capsule will be delivered to your location address by third party contractor. We currently offer delivery within one hour drive to GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Please contact our sale team, if your home is located outside of this area. Please note that delivery dates may change based on many factors including logistics and completion of your pre-delivery tasks.

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