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Why Buy URBAN Capsule?

  • Balance and Separate your Work and Home space. A Balanced Life is a Happy Life.

  • Boost your Home Value: Your home is more valuable and attractive when you have URBAN Capsule as a modern home office space in your backyard.

  • Save on Rent and Commuting. Save your valuable time and money on office space rent and commuting to office.

  • Project a highly professional image on your video meetings.

  • Impress your clients and colleagues or your potential employer, if you are seeking remote work job opportunities.

  • Meet your business clients and visitors inside your professional home office space as a home occupation work.

  • Free up office space at your house. Use freed up space at home for your family needs where it is needed the most!

  • Modern & Comfortable: Our capsules all have contemporary minimalistic designs and are made to fit almost any backyard, so you can enjoy a clean, spacious working environment.

  • Efficient & Eco-Friendly: The only thing your capsule needs, is a bit of electricity from your home.

  • A Fully Furnished, Complete Office: Complete with all the right furniture, all you need to do is bring your own stationary and working devices, and you’re set up and ready to go!

  • Shipped Fully Assembled: When your capsule arrives, all you need to do is to determine where you will place it on your backyard – we will take cate of the rest including the crane!

  • Easy Turn-Key Installation: Our experts come to your home and install the capsule for you within 2 hours. For a little extra, we can even recommend a licensed electrician to update your electrical connection, if you intend to use other electrical appliances such as coffeemaker/water boiler or microwave inside the Capsule.

  • A Seamless Experience: There’s no need for a building permit or foundation. All you need is a levelled, flat ground. If you ground is not leveled, our contractors can help you to prepare the surface in no time! Just choose surface turn-key installation option when you pre-order the URBAN Capsule.

  • Moving? Take your Office with You! We can uninstall and reinstall the URBAN Capsule at your new home.

  • Top Choice. Whether you’re a business owner or work from home regularly, URBAN Capsule is your go-to comfortable and private home-office solution.

Capsule Use Ideas

Click here to pre-order and reserve your URBAN Capsule today. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling up the form below or chat with us now for any additional questions you may have about the URBAN Capsule.

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Why Buy?

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